12.00-16.00 Kinderladen

Kidsspace – Kinderbetreuung

12.00 Hof Rigaer94

Workshop – Build your own booster bag. We will build a shoplifting-bag that can jam the anti-theft doors. Bring prototype bag, alu foil (80m for one bag), glue and plastic foil for you and the others. (English/German/French/Spanish)

12.00 / 13.00 Brunch

13.00 Kadterschmiede

Filmfest – POC power, antifascist and antiracist, refugee struggle **mehr Infos unten**

14.00 Hof Liebig34

Workshop- *Bikesexual: vegan DIY Sexspielzeuge aus kaputten Fahrradteilen*(http://bikesexual.blogsport.eu) **mehr Infos unten** FLTI* only

16.00 Ecke Liebigstr / Rigaerstr (Dorfplatz)


18.00 Fischladen

Filmfest – Racism: White Privilege, Racism, White Denial – The Cost of Inequality **mehr Infos unten**

19.00 Fischladen

Filmfest – Racism: Whitewashed. Unmasking the World of Whiteness **mehr Infos unten**

21.00 Fischladen

Filmfest – Racism: AFRO-PUNK The Movie **mehr Infos unten**



Bikesexual: vegan DIY Sexspielzeuge aus kaputten Fahrradteilen

*Bikesexual: vegan DIY Sexspielzeuge aus kaputten Fahrradteilen***//
Lerne wie du ein Harness, Handfessel, Halsbänder, eine Peitsche oder
einfach nur ein Armband oder Gürtel machen kannst, alles von kaputten
Fahrradteilen und mit einfachen Techniken, sodass dein Sexleben genauso
schmutzig, günstig und umweltfreundlich ist wie Du es willst; das Ganze
weit über die Grenzen jeglicher Sexshopangebote. Mehr info

*Bikesexual: vegan DIY sextoys from recycled bicycle parts*
Learn how to make a harness, handcuffs, a collar, a whip or just a
bracelet or belt, all from broken bicycle parts, with simple techniques,
to make your sex life as dirty, as cheap and as green as you like, and
to go beyond the limits of what you can get in a sex shop. More info


 POC power, antifascist and antiracist, refugee struggle

  •  Wir sing jung, wir sind stark. Drama asylum home in rostock
  • 9 Days on the roof (https://vimeo.com/110312571) Ohlauer documentary
  • The Land between (https://vimeo.com/77953858) European borders in Morocco
  • The story of the 1972 Aboriginal Embassy (High) 10 mins
  • Defiance 2008


Racism: White Privilege, Racism, White Denial – The Cost of Inequality

  • Whitewashed. Unmasking the World of Whiteness (2013 ??), 35 Min.
    This documentary chronicles White Americans reflecting on white racial identity and racism. Areas the video explores include; the question of how people of European descent were transformed into “White” people; what it means to be White; White privilege; the difference between personal prejudices and societal racism; and how White people can challenge contemporary form of societal racism.
  • White Privilege, Racism, White Denial – The Cost of Inequality (2009), 58 Min. For years, acclaimed author and speaker Tim Wise has been electrifying college campuses with his impassioned and deeply personal take on whiteness and white privilege. In this spellbinding lecture, he offers a powerful inside-out look at race and racism in America, surveying the damage white privilege has done not only to people of color, but to white people themselves. The result is a vivid and accessible introduction to the social construction of racial identities, and a critical new educational tool for exploring the often invoked, but seldom explained, concept of white privilege.
  • AFROPUNK The Movie (2003), 60 Min. The movie explores race identity within the punk scene across America and abroad. The film focuses on the lives of four people dedicated to the punk rock lifestyle, interspersed with interviews from scores of black punk rockers from all over the United States. The interviews cover issues of loneliness, exile, interracial dating, black power, and the dual lives led by people of color in communities that are primarily white.